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The Industry Overview

The Online marketplace has been evolving at some rapid paces in the recent years. The valuations and perceptions of websites largely depend on the numbers that they produce. By ‘numbers’ we mean, Unique visits, Page views, PageRank, Alexa rank, Quantcast stats and various other analytics some which give out valuable insights, some invaluable and others controversial or incomplete.

There has been a fair amount of expert discussions online disregarding managers who make inter and intra business decisions based on one or more of the above systems and the disappointment that most of these decisions are executed without even considering the Brand Image of the Businesses involved. Google’s Page Rank for example is considered as an ultimate measurement of the value of any website business in presence of the very fact that it has got nothing to do with the any aspect of the website but the Incoming Links it receives.

What we do

Webalue.com is a Brand Analytics firm implemented to derive brand sensitive metrics to third-party websites ranging from blogs to offline businesses fostering online presence. Our system is designed to deliver unmatched visibility of our subscriber’s brand performance and consumer intents on the Internet.

Founded in 2008, Webalue.com provides a set of new insights to help businesses understand their online brands better and make practical marketing decisions favouring their ‘brand’ as well as traffic analytics. Our system displays several industry-level statistics to provide valuable benchmarks to compare to. The system is inclined on delivering maximum value to its end-users through its brand determinants. But, the value derived is not limited to the current scenario. We are constantly researching and developing new techniques to empower the marketplace with solutions that enable decision makers to come up with qualitative decisiveness based on actionable numbers that we provide.
So yes, we are one of our kinds and a young company, but we enjoy a strikingly toxic excitement to venture into our upcoming Innovations. This is our first step that creates a base for the future WOW factors we produce. We have put forth an Oath to never stop striving for innovations and we are confident about our achievement because we are young, mature and dream inevitably!!!

The Team